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Mango Drink

All our products are made with real fruit juice or pulp.

Mango Pulp used for making the drinks is made from choicest mangoes brought from South India which is the World’s largest producer of Mangoes.

Our assortment of juicy mango and other drinks offer essential minerals, antioxidants, fiber and vitamin A and C, and is an excellent way of repletion of lost potassium.

Our products are available in a wide range of flavours and pack sizes.


Nimbu Pani Drink

Nimbu Pani, is a simple Indian summer drink similar to Lemonade.

Our flavoured Nimbu Pani is perfect for summers to refresh yourself. Frojo Nimbu Pani is a delicious thirst quencher made from artificial flavours, which is both safe and delightful.

Lichi Drink

With every drop Frojo Lichi Drink experience the real taste of luscious litchis that will refresh your senses.

Our Lichi drink contains permitted added flavors (natural & nature identical and artificial flavours substances (Lychee). The Lichi flavoured soft drink is fresh and energizes from within.